“Meeting Lenore Skenazy was a gift from heaven. She guided my family from stage where we were paralyzed by fear and anxiety to a new level of freedom, and especially independence for my children. In her unique and thoughtful way, she used humor, common sense and especially compassion to teach us how to let our children grow up and lead normal lives; much like we enjoyed when we were growing up! The impact on their happiness and self-esteem has been wonderful.” – C.W., Manhattan mom of three

“Lenore worked with my family during the spring of 2010.  She has proven to be a wonderful coach and mentor in regards to child rearing.  She helped me to understand that love can be shown not by smothering our children and being an over-protective parent, but in many other more relaxed ways.  Lenore has helped my son Samuel grow up to be a more mature and confident individual.  Her great knowledge made us much better parents. She personally brought sunshine to our household.” P.R., Guelph mom of two

“I’m a mother of four and prior to meeting Lenore I literally did EVERYTHING for them, from cleaning to cooking to laundry, etc. I didn’t allow my children to take part in any type of activities unless I was with them. My eldest child at the time was 16 and I had NEVER allowed him to take the bus. Yes — I was super overprotective with my children and lo and behold, Lenore came into my life and literally helped me with my crazy issues. It’s been 2 years since I met Lenore and I have never been happier as my children help me clean, cook and most importantly, I don’t have to drive them everywhere as they take the bus! Woo hoo! Words can’t express how thankful I am to have met Lenore. Miss her so much! It was an experience of a lifetime.” – S.C., Ontario mom of four 

Lenore has a wonderful aura. With her strict way of advising combined with her softness, she opens hearts. Going through that whole experience was amazing. I hope she continues to help others. – G.W., single mom of three girls