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Lenore Skenazy, author of the book and blog Free-Range Kids, has been educating and most importantly reassuring parents about the real risks and benefits of allowing kids to be outside, walk to school, ride their bikes, have sleepovers, and become independent and capable adults for several years now. She’s gone from being “America’s Worst Mom” to being hired for housecalls to help overprotective parents overcome the fears that cause them to keep their kids “safe” from the world. These fears are indeed surmountable!

Real Simple Magazine ran an article by Jennifer Breheny Wallace, a self-professed overprotective mom. Lenore visited her at home and helped teach her how to loosen the reins and trust in her kids. Give the article a look: Do you recognize yourself in Jennifer’s story?

The Today Show interviewed them about how that home visit went: (ETA: Sorry, the embed code provided proved to be wrong and kept giving me something about the economy! The link below will take you to the correct clip.)

For more information on the Free-Range Kids movement, you can visit the BabyCenter Free-Range Kids group and also Lenore’s Free-Range Kids blog (and book), which has all sorts of fantastic links and articles that help break the “my kid will be kidnapped if I look away” mindset of parents due to common myths, and how to overcome those fears. There’s even a handy tab at the top for housecalls, if that’s something you’d like to look into.

As Lenore said to Jennifer, “All the fear in the world doesn’t prevent death. It prevents life.”